Recipe: Home made cereal

Written by MARABOND on August 21, 2011

Since I had the amazing opportunity to visit some health re-treats in Queensland, I noticed in myself that after one week, I re-gained so much energy, that I felt like a child again, running around, really present at every step, happy and with heaps of energy !!


I then started asking people who worked there and who repeatedly stayed: ‘what did you implement in your life that made a huge difference?’


And the common reply is the home made cereal, OMG that was one of the secrets !!

By making your cereal, you not only save money, as good cereals are very expensive, but also you gain vitality and total control of what you are putting inside yourself during the most important meal of the day.


So here is my recipe, which I changed over the years, and you may tailor it specially for your taste and budget.


Breakfast: Home made muesli




4 cups organic rolled oats.
1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
1/2 cup of raisins,sultanas
1/2 cup (or more) mixed chopped almonds, pecans and walnuts

* buy certified organic if you can




Combine everything and keep in an airtight container.


To serve, choose one of these options:
- milk
- yoghurt with or without fruit salad
- mashed banana
- soak overnight with water and cinnamon powder or apple juice to improve absorption.
- add steamed fruits, like apples, blueberries, prunes
- if you tend to constipate, add between 1-3 table spoons of golden linseeds, and ensure you drink 2 glasses of water afterwards.


V A R I A T I O N S:

Replace oats with one of these grains:

Barley flakes
Buckwheat *
Millet flakes *
Oat bran
Puffed corn *
Puffed rice *
Rice bran *
Rice flakes *
Rolled barley
Rolled rice*
Rolled rye
Rolled wheat
Soy grits *
Quinoa flakes*
Wheat bran
Wheat germ

* usually these are gluten free if not contaminated by other grains, check label.

Some grains need to be cooked, and the puffed varieties can be highly processed.


Replace seeds with 2 of these:
Sesame seeds
Chia Seeds
Hemp seeds (shelled)
Poppy seeds


Replace nuts with 1 or 2 of these
Brazil nuts

*raw nuts are better, but if you choose roasted ones, choose them unsalted.

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