Supplements: Do you need them?

Written by MARABOND on August 21, 2011

As a nutritionist I worked in a vitamin shop, very good training, but I found so many customers spending heaps of money in supplement they do not need… I was so lucky that I worked in a place where I could recommend someone to STOP taking a supplements…


I remember once a friend/client came to visit and asked me about this new formula and asked me ‘ Should I take it?’, when I enquired what she was taking at that moment, the list went on and on, and after a chat, I recommend her to give her body a break, stop taking supplements for 2-3 weeks, and eat heaps of fruit and veggies.


Having said that, there are people who desperately need a supplement, such as smokers, overly stressed people, or even people who exercise a lot… or to treat symptoms or the whole person, with a boost of vitamins, to prevent future issues, like reducing sugar cravings to reduce the chance of diabetes…. but what supplements are best?

What do I need?

I usually take a client health history, and while this can take 45-60 minutes, it helps to identify the priorities for treatment in the short and long-term, it also helps to avoid wrong assumptions. It is virtually impossible to offer this type of service in a vitamin shop, and remember that most people who work there are students, and instead of spending your cash on supplements you do not need, I recommend you to find a good professional, nutritionist or naturopath and use their knowledge for your long term health.

How much to spend?

I also recommend to buy the best supplement your pocket can afford. You would not buy fish from a cheap fish monger, would you? Why thousands of people continue buying cheap fish oils? All have 1000 mg of omega 3, right? Ok, I’ll clarify, look for the active ingredients in the fish oil, EPA and DHA, some only have 12% of EPA, when others have 40%, which one do you think would have a good anti-inflammatory effect? Which one do you think would have been tested for mercury, arsenic and other nasties in the sea/fish?

Another good example, is that some clients keep spending their money in calcium supplements, in a form which is calcium carbonate, the worst absorbable calcium in the market,only because the calcium comes from a well known manufacturer, part of a big pharmaceutical company, and advertise everywhere.
Please, if you need calcium, just go to a best formula.

My advice here is to spend wisely, get professional help to choose, and if possible buy a practitioner only formula.

Where to get help?

Again, if you need help to prepare yourself for a competition, consult a nutritionist or dietitian, who can help with sport nutrition, most personal trainers do not have this training, and by getting help with the right professional your optimise your health and workout.


Find an accredited nutritionist at or


Enjoy your life, eat healthily and drink lots of water.


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