Do you want to stop saying ‘I want to lose weight’?

Written by MARABOND on October 16, 2012


I see, hear and read everywhere this mantra, just take a look at some covers of health magazines, as a nutritionist and wellness coach, I strong believe that the words are very powerful.


If you really WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, and you repeat this mantra several times a day, this will definitely happen …. which means you will continue WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT, in other words you are just perpetuating your desire, and unless you have other motivator factors, you will not turn it into action.


One of the things I work with clients is to replace


Each person perceive things differently and find their motivations in very different ways, just giving an example of one client who transformed his ‘I WANT TO EXERCISE’ which is not very inspiring into  ‘I MOVE DAILY WITH ENERGY IN A POSITIVE WAY TO ACHIEVE MY HEALTH GOALS’.


List your daily negative thoughts, or even the ones you don’t think is negative, and then transform them into positive affirmations.


It is true that energy flows where the focus goes, stop focusing what you don’t want, or even on what you want, make your affirmations stronger by bringing them to the present, to speak as the actions has already happened, to manifest your future today.


Instead of saying: ‘I want to be healthier’ , try something like ‘ my health improves today and everyday’.

Find your own mantras.


Good luck on your health journey!


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