About Us


I’m Mara Bond, Wellness Coach, Nutritionist and Life Coach, whose passion is to help you make real, lasting changes in your life.

And the secret of doing that is to help you find the motivation that’s right for you. That special hidden key giving you the confidence to break unhealthy habits and create new, empowering ones.

I know this because it’s something I’ve done myself. Some years ago I was leading a high-powered, high-pressured corporate life, running teams and managing multi-million dollar projects around the globe. Something had to give. And it was my life-long fascination with food, nutrition and complementary health that came to the rescue.


I was able to change the way I nourish my body, shift my stress levels and transform myself through food and complementary medicine. Now, basically, I’m putting everything I’ve learnt about myself into practice professionally.


Born in Brazil, from a Lithuanian and Portuguese family, I moved to the UK and then to Australia. I hold 3 citizenships, and I am used to dealing with people from different backgrounds.


Location really doesn’t matter – I have clients in different parts of Australia, the UK and Brazil. Wherever you are, I may be able to help.


So, contact me now to book your first session and discover how Nutrition and Wellness coach may be beneficial to you.




  • Advanced Diploma. Nutrition Medicine (Australian Traditional Medicine Society Accredited)
  • Cert. Counselling
  • Dip. Life Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Trained as a Wellness Coach (USA)
  • ICF member (International Coaching Federation)
  • MBA (UK)


(Read the long version of my journey)