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Why Mara + Wellness Life Coaching is the Perfect Mix


Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that I know exactly what you’re talking about shifting to healthy habits! Because I’ve travelled that very route, and I understand the pressures and stresses you’ll face as I’ve experienced them myself. Been there; done that. So I’m offering you far more than just theory! Let me show you…


My Journey


I can trace my fascination with wellbeing, health and energy back to my teens, then I’d soak up anything on food, nutrition and complementary health I could get my hands on! At the time, I thought this was just personal interest, rather than a professional opportunity.


So I started my career in IT: first as a programmer; then as an analyst; later as a project manager running teams, managing multi-million dollar projects around the globe. I’m no newcomer to the sharp end of corporate life.


Although I enjoyed IT and was good at what I did, what I loved was training people – explaining complex solutions to non-technical staff; making the complicated simple to understand. It’s a real skill, and one that’s so important in what I do now, as a nutritionist.


And it was seeing what a difference I can make that led me to Coaching. A perfect match, in fact. Working one-to-one with people and giving them the support they need helps them keep motivated so they achieve their goals. Can there be greater job satisfaction than seeing a client’s spectacular transformation, knowing that I’ve helped it happen?


In fact, it was working one-to-one with a life coach in the UK that triggered MY transformation.


Moving On


Whichever corporate role I played – with charities or multinationals; liaising with governments, companies, universities or the press – my fascination with food, nutrition and complementary health was always in the background. And slowly, it stopped being just theory: I started to put the ideas, learnings and procedures into actions, changing the way I nourish my body, shifting my stress levels and transforming myself through food and complementary medicine.


My coach helped me realise that this fascination wasn’t just a hobby: it was where my soul is, and where I needed to focus professionally. This was a truly powerful wake-up call that inspired me to take action.


I qualified as a Life Coach and as a Nutritionist, and successfully combined my passions; and I’m now helping other people transform themselves.


As you can see, everything I’ve done professionally supports my work as a Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. Combine this with my personal experience, and you’ll understand why I’m perfectly placed to understand different cultures and viewpoints:

●  born in Brazil from Lithuanian and Portuguese families
●  worked in the the UK, US, Costa Rica, Brazil and Australia
●  visited over 60 countries, worldwide
●  I hold three nationalities: Australian, British and Brazilian


Making a Difference


Over the past several years I’ve juggled work, studies, travelling and home-building… got married, had my first child… changed professions… successfully, and happily, re-invented myself. So, it goes without saying, I’ve certainly walked the walk!


Now, if you’re really serious about making major life changes, I’m ready to help you light that spark, and give you the inspiration, support and motivation you need to achieve your goals.


Location really doesn’t matter – I have clients in different parts of Australia, the UK and Brazil. Wherever you are, I may be able to help. So, contact me now to book a first session and let’s get started.