Nutrition Consultation

So… you’ve decided the time has come to concentrate on you … to put you and your health in the limelight, discover what needs to change … and start the transformation!

But where do you start? And how do you know what’s important? And how are you going to stick to it all, anyway?

Now, that’s what bewilders most people. And it’s why I suggest starting with a Nutrition Consultation: discovering where you are with your health, and where you need to be, and what to eat (or not) to improve your well being.


But isn’t a Nutrition Consultation just about ‘Putting Me on a Diet?’


Most definitely not! A Nutrition Consultation with me is so much more than just analysing your eating habits and putting you on a strict, soul-destroying diet! Because I know that is not how you’ll make positive long-lasting changes.


Your Nutrition Consultation is the beginning of your transformational journey. For some people, just knowing what they’re doing and what they could be doing is enough; they can get along and make the changes they need to make. But for many of us, it’s not as simple as that. Our unhealthy habits have got a real grip on us, and just talking sense to ourselves doesn’t work.


So this is where we support the knowledge we’ve got from the Nutrition Consultation with Wellness Coaching.


By treating you as a whole – dealing with the physical and the emotional; with the body/mind/ spirit – not just the disease, we discover during health coaching the real motivators that shift unhealthy habits. And we put them into action.


Basically: Nutrition Consultation + Wellness Coaching= Long-Term Success!


And you don’t just shove me on a diet?


No – this isn’t about traditional dieting. It’s about changing the way you nourish your body, making sure it gets what it needs. And it’s about lifestyle and nutrition … not restrictions but delicious inclusions. Just think – you could be mistakenly missing out on foods that not only do you good but make you feel good, too!


So when will a Nutrition Consultation help me?


There are lots of reasons for coming to a nutritionist: some people are looking for help with weight management and eating disorders; others want to manage health conditions with food and supplements, or even review the supplements they are taking.


Managing Health Conditions
Just some of the health issues a nutritionist can help with:
  • High cholesterol, risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis
  • Digestive complaints such as reflux, constipation, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Fat liver, hormones and excess toxicity
  • Depression
  • Preventing an eating disorder
  • and many more…

I’ve been to a nutritionist before, and it didn’t work…


That’s why I can combine nutrition advice with wellness coaching. The emotional work is as important as the nutrition information. In fact, it’s what will help you to find your motivation and and give you a far better chance of achieving your goals.


Remember … without your health you can’t do anything. You owe it to yourself to put your health first.


And it needn’t cost the Earth. I don’t suggest expensive unnecessary supplements. If I suggest supplementation it’s tightly targeted to what you need. You and your body are always the starting point and the focus.


So what happens when I have a Nutrition Consultation ?


Usually the first consultation takes 75 to 90 minutes, and the main aim is to work on your specific nutrition needs and concerns. You’re asked a series of questions about your health to make sure we can define priorities for immediate and long-term treatment.


This inventory also helps us identify ‘gaps’ in your health, such as low gut absorption, nutrient deficiencies and liver toxicities.


You may want to write down and bring your weekly intake, but it’s not always necessary for the consultation.


You’ll receive several suggestions about your individual nutrition, lifestyle and possible supplementation, taking into consideration your goals, lifestyle and budget. So everything is unique to you, customised for you with your own tastes and health needs in mind.


Are there any follow-ups?


Depending on your goals, we may suggest future follow-up consultations to:


  • Use tools to screen your health and then monitor your progress
  • Work on your emotions to remove barriers to shift towards healthy habits
  • Design your wellness vision, purpose and find your inner motivation to change
  • Design a specific weekly nutrition program customised for your health and goals
  • Refer you to a test, e.g. allergies, blood tests
  • Review your supplementation
  • Follow up on long-term health goals

How much would it cost ?

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Your next move…


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Because your health can’t wait!