Wellness Coaching


Put very simply, Wellness Coaching is about successfully keeping you on track when you’re making changes to unhealthy habits in your life. In fact, your Wellness Coach is your mind’s very own Personal Trainer!


For example, perhaps you know what you need to eat, or how much you’d love to be exercising, but can’t find the motivation to do so. Or maybe you’re stressed and need help to manage your emotions. You’ve got the theory of what needs to change – but how do you put that into action? And how do you make that action stick?


Well, this is where the help, support and encouragement of Wellness Coaching can make all the difference.


But if it’s about getting fit and losing weight, why not just go to a Personal Trainer at the gym?

We do focus on fitness and weight management, but also on the health risks related to chronic diseases, stress management and nutrition.


Because I’m a qualified Nutritionist I can give you the nutrition advice you need – many Personal Trainers can’t do that.


And don’t forget, our big targets are all those unhealthy habits that just won’t budge. Changing a habit is an emotional journey, and Wellness Coaching can help you to accelerate and sustain the change towards a much more healthy version of you. You might even achieve goals you didn’t realise you had, or goals you didn’t believe you could reach.


What will I get from Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is about you recognising the things you want to change, and then successfully making those changes with my help and support. And because everyone is different – with different needs and wants – there is no ‘One List Fits All’.
So these are just some of the things my clients tell me they get from working with me:

Inspiration to make lifestyle changes for life
Determination to stop saying ‘DIET’ – FOREVER
Inspiration to nourish their body and life everyday with good         food, thoughts, movements
The ability to instinctively replace ‘I have to/need to/must …’         with ‘ I choose to … ’
Greater self-awareness, and the ability to recognise the inner voice that sabotages their best intentions
The ability to cope with relapses, returning to their path to wellbeing
Increase of self-esteem: for example, removing comparison behaviours; and implementing coping mechanisms to deal with feeling like anxiety, anger, low vitality
Increase of self-efficacy: it’s easier to initiate and sustain positive behaviour outcomes

These – and other changes specific to you – are all possible when you work with me as your Wellness Coach. 


How would you like:
  • Clear health purpose in your life that you can easily follow
  • To put strategies in place to manage your stress levels
  • To move from the  ’ I can’t ‘ mindset to the ‘ I am doing ‘ and then to
    ‘ I am happy and effortless doing ‘
  • Help in turning goals into achievable action plans, intention to reality
  • To have help in sustaining the changes

Just some of the things Wellness Coaching with me can help you with!


How long does it take?


Usually the program takes between 6 to 12 sessions. Very briefly, we start with passion, your vision, break that into goals, and then work on removing any barriers you may have to achieve those goals.


Wellness Coaching: The Quick Tour
Wellness Coaching is a journey of self-discovery where you will:
  • Define your vision, purpose, meaning and reasons to be healthy
  • Design goals that will inspire you to follow through
  • Leave current barriers in the past and gain the knowledge to deal with future ones
  • Develop self-awareness and inner motivation, and discover how to trigger them to
    work for you
As your Wellness Coach:
  • I believe in your potential to know exactly what you’re able to change –
    even if you sometimes doubt it
  • I believe that you can do much more than you might think you can
  • I help you access your inner self, usually buried by stress or other facts in life
  • I challenge your limiting beliefs and help you replace them with useful beliefs

How much would it cost ?


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